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About Us

Learn about our story and our mission and learn who the faces are behind 616 Service

Our Mission

We're a passionate team dedicated to connecting aspiring volunteers with organizations and causes in Grand Rapids, MI, that need their help. Our core mission is to empower individuals to support causes they're passionate about, thereby reinforcing the strength and capabilities of nonprofit organizations in the region. We believe in making volunteering accessible and fulfilling for everyone, removing barriers that prevent potential volunteers from contributing their time and skills.

Our Solution

We aim to eliminate these barriers by acting as a bridge between potential volunteers and nonprofit organizations. We understand the indispensable value of volunteers and the unanimous agreement among nonprofits on their necessity. Our approach focuses on alleviating the recruitment challenges faced by these organizations by proactively finding and connecting them with dedicated volunteers. This effort not only supports the nonprofits but also provides fulfilling opportunities for volunteers to make tangible differences in their communities.

Our Story

The foundation of our initiative was laid as a grassroots response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly its toll on businesses and nonprofits in West Michigan. Our community faced significant hardships, but it also revealed the enduring spirit and resilience of our people. As we navigate a post-COVID-19 landscape, our commitment to fostering volunteerism remains steadfast. We're driven by a vision of a thriving Grand Rapids community, bolstered by the continued support of volunteers dedicated to positive change.

Our Team

Samuel Jacobs Office Manager

Samuel Jacobs

Samuel manages day to day scheduling and leadership of Officium|616 Service. He works with individuals, companies, and nonprofits to increase volunteerism in Grand Rapids. He graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2023 with a Masters in Public Administration (MPA). In his free time Sam loves to fish and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Our Board

Nate Gillespie Board Member

Nate Gillispie

Nate is a passionate advocate for the power of service and volunteerism to transform communities through solving problems real-time and providing purpose to those who serve. He is the Founder and President of Officium|616 Service. His day job is with Auxo Investment Partners as an investor in lower middle-market family owned industrial and service companies. Nate lives with his wife Nichole downtown Grand Rapids and is an avid reader, traveler, and soccer player.

Caitlin Shannahan Board Member

Caitlin Shannahan

Caitlin works for the Michigan Crossroads Council (Boy Scouts of America), as the District Executive of the BSA Scoutreach initiative in Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Scoutreach brings the scouting program to inner city youth, free of cost, in community centers & after school programs. The community relationships fostered through this program led Caitlin to 616 Service as a board member assisting with local nonprofit connections and volunteer management.

Ahmed Elmi Board Member

Ahmed Elmi

Ahmed plays a vital role in the community as an active board member of the 616 Service. His involvement with the non-profit reflects his strong belief in the transformative power of community engagement and collective action. Drawing from his rich experience in volunteering, Ahmed is a fervent advocate for community service, aiming to inspire others to contribute positively to their communities.

 John Hall  Board Member

John Hall

John is an advocate for creating positive social change at the local level, and believes that service and volunteering is the best way to create that change. He was instrumental in the early days of Officium | 616 Service and acts as its Vice President. In his career, he is a Software Engineer working in finance technology. John enjoys swing dancing, reading, and fitness.

Adam Anderson Board Member

Adam Anderson

Adam is a dedicated and community-minded individual currently serving as the Treasurer of the board for 616 Service. With a professional background in banking, Adam brings a wealth of financial expertise to the table, contributing to the strategic decision-making process of the organization.

Jon Roberts Board Member

Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts is the Development Director at Community Food Club and has a passion for service and the nonprofit sector. He has worked with Mel Trotter, Young Life, and co-founded a Self Storage Company.

Caitlin Lindman  Board Member

Caitlin Lindman

Caitlin joined 616 Service because she believes community shapes who we are and who we become. She believes service is one way to build deeper empathy for her neighbors and create positive impact in the community of Grand Rapids. In her career, Caitlin works as a Product Manager for Steelcase and in her free time she enjoys travel, supporting local coffee shops, and hosting friends.

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